人教英语七年级上册Units 7-8


七年级上 Units7—8


1 How much is the red sweater?It’s eight dollars.

2 How much are these white pants?They’re ten dollars.

3 Can I help you ?What color do you want ?Here you are .I’ll take it/them.

4 When is your birthday?My birthday is January fifteen.

5 How old are you?I’m thirteen.

6 When is the school trip?It’s April 19th.







5.百位以上的数字的表达以及读在表达百位以上的数字时,必须在百位,十位和个位之间加and,在读音时也应读上and,如:104可表达为one hundred and four,486读作four hundred and eighty-six。

6.“万”的表达.英语中没有万和亿单词,只有百(hundred),千(thousand),百万(million),十亿(billion)。英语中表示“万”时,用10千。如:forty  thousand四万。表示“亿”时需用百万来表示。如:two hundred million两亿。

7.1,000以上的数字,从后向前数。每三位数加“,”。第一个“,”前为thousand,第二个“,”前为million,第三个“,”前为billion.3,333,333,333读为three  billion,three  hundred  and thirty-three  million, three  hundred  and thirty-three thousand,three  hundred  and thirty

8.hundred,thousand,million 前有若有具体数字时,要用单数形式,但如果他们后面有of ,则要用复数形式。同时,前面不能再加具体的数目。


1 第一,第二,第三分别为first,second,third.

2 第四到第十九都有相应的基数词加th构成,有几个特殊,即fifth,eighth,ninth,twelfth.

3 第几十把y改为 i加eth..  twentieth,ninetieth

4 序数词之前要加定冠词或代词。但序数词表名词时,可不用冠词。Who won first?


He failed once .Then he tried a second time.


6 100以上的序数词的表示方法 第100为100th (读作 one  hundredth),101st 读作one  hundred  and  first,其他的依次类推


1 分数的表示法:分子用基数词,分母用序数词,当分子大与一时,分母用复数形式。

2|3  two  thirds  3|5  three  fifths

2 整数与分数之间用and 连接。 One /an  hour and a half

3 分数的用法结构为“分数+of+the+名词”表示“。。。。的几分之几”,当其作主语时,谓语动词的单复数取决于短语中名词的复数

One third of the shop assisstant in this departmentstore      men


公元1900年:读作 nineteen  hundred.

公元1908年:nineteeen and eight或nineteen  hundred and eight 或one  nine oh eight

2004年11月25 日:November 25(th),2004(thNovemb读作November  (the) twenty-fifth,two thousand and  four.

在表示时间时,英语中常用日—月—年或月—日—年的顺序。如2004年6月1日在英语中可写为:June1,2004或1 June ,2004 或1/6/2004  或1.6,2004。在美国也可写为 6/1/2004或6.1,2004


8:21读作twenty-one past eight 或eight twenty –one

8:56 读作four to nine  或eight fifty-six

8:30 读作eight-thirty  或  half past eight

在表达时刻时,如果在30分钟内,可用past 和after,如9:25  作 twenty –five past nine  或twenty-five  after nine.如果超过30分钟,则用to ,如9:55读作 five to ten

1,-What’s  the  date  today?-It’s _________.

A Saturday.               B June               C June  1st

2,Can  you  see  any  potatoes  in______picture?

A the  second           B second              C, two

3,I hear we will have a_________holiday in___________.

A, two  day’s, two day’s time  B, two-day, two  days’  time

C, two days, two-day  time

4,The_____man on the left is Beckham, a famous football player.

A, two           B, second         C, three

5,He believed his lucky number was ten, so he decided to live on  the _____ floor.

A lowest         B, ten          C, tenth

6,-Which  class  won  the  match  in  the  end?

-I’m  not  quite  sure. Maybe_________ did.

A, Class Third  B, Class three  C, third Class  D, Class Three

7-How often are the Olympic Games held?-_______ four  years.

A, Every      B, Each       C, In        D, For

8-Could you please tell me what time it is now? -Certainly, it’s_________.

A, ten and twenty B, twenty past ten C ten twenty D,both B and C

9 Although I failed four times, my father encouraged me to have  a_______try.

A second      B, third          C, fourth        D fifth

10 LiuXiang, 21 , is an Olympic winner in the ________hurdles(跨栏).We’re  proud  of  him.

A,110-metre      B,110-metres    C,110  metre

11Harbin  is  a  beautiful  city.__________ people  come  here  to  visit  the  Sun  Island  every  year.

A,Thousands        B,Thousand  of       C,Thousands  of

12,Nanjing  is  a  city  with  many  places  of  interest.______ tourists  come  here  every  year.

A,Thousand of B, Thousand  C, Thousands  D, Thousands of

13,-How many people are there in Changsha? -About  six ______.

A, million        B, millions        C, millions  of

14,-How  many  students  are   there  in  your  newly  built  school?     -Two  thousand  in _________classrooms.

A, four      B, fourth    C, forty      D, the  fortieth

15,Our  summer  holiday  is  coming. Two _______ the  students  in  our  school will  go  to  the  beach.

A, hundred  B, hundred  C, hundred  of   D, hundreds  of

16,The  old  tower  looks  nice. It’s  about________.

A, twelve-meter-high        B, twelve-meters  high

C, twelve-meter  high      D, twelve  meters  high

17,In  the  past  few  years, many  tall  buildings  have  been  built  in  our  city. The  tallest  is  an ________that  stands  in  the  centre.

A,80-floor building     B,60-floor buildings

C,80-floor  buildings   D,70-floors  building

18,-Do  you  know  when  the  PLA  was  founded?- __________.

A, On  October 1,1949       B, On  August 1 ,1927

C, On  July 1,1921          D, In  May, 1922

19,-What’s  the  population  of  the  world? -It’s  more  than __________.

A, five billion  B, six billion  C, seven billion  D, eight billion


1 我能帮你吗?

What can I for you ?Can (may) I help you? Is there anything I can do for you? May I do something for you?

2 Which shirt…..do you like? What size (color, kind….)do you want ?What about these (those)?What else  do  would you like?

3 Can you show me…?I would like (want)some …Have you got any ….?I’m looking for …?May I have a look at it /them? It’s too big /small .How much is it?(are they)Can it/(they) be cheaper?That’s much too dear.How much do you want ?I’ll take it/them

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