Today we talk about proverbs. A proverb is a short, well known saying that expresses a common truth or belief. Proverbs are found in most cultures and are often very old.今天我们来谈谈谚语。谚语是一个简短的,众所周知的说法,表达一个共同的真理或信仰。谚语在大多数文化中都能找到,而且通常都很古老。

In American history, Benjamin Franklin was famous for his proverbs. Franklin lived in the seventeen hundreds. He was a leader of the American Revolution against English rule. He was also a scientist, inventor and writer.在美国历史上,本杰明·富兰克林以他的谚语而闻名。富兰克林生活在17世纪。他是反对英国统治的美国革命的领袖。他还是一名科学家、发明家和作家。

For many years, Franklin published a book called “Poor Richard’s Almanac.” He included many proverbs that he had heard or created. Some of them are still used today. Like this one: “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”多年来,富兰克林出版了一本书,名为《穷理查年鉴》。他收录了许多他听到或创造的谚语。其中一些至今仍在使用。比如这句:“早睡早起使人健康、富有和聪明。”

Franklin is also remembered for other proverbs like, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” This means that money should not be wasted.人们还记得富兰克林的其他谚语,比如“省一分钱就是赚一分钱。”这意味着不应该浪费钱。

Here are other examples of proverbs that Americans use. The first ones are about love. Some people say, “All is fair in love and war.” They mean that anything you do in a relationship or in battle is acceptable.下面是美国人使用的其他谚语的例子。第一个是关于爱的。有人说:“爱情和战争是不择手段的。”他们的意思是,你在一段感情或战斗中做的任何事情都是可以接受的。

Another proverb about love is, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” This means you love someone even more when he or she is far away. But other people say, “Out of sight, out of mind.” You may not even think about that person when he or she is not with you. Which of these proverbs do you think is most true?另一个关于爱情的谚语是“别离情更深”。这意味着当一个人远离你时,你会更加爱他或她。但也有人说:“眼不见,心不烦。”当他或她不在你身边的时候,你可能根本不会想到他或她。你认为哪句谚语是最正确的

Another proverb says “Love is blind.” In other words, when you are in love with someone, you may refuse to see anything bad about that person.另一句谚语说:“爱情是盲目的。”换句话说,当你爱上某人时,你可能会拒绝看到那个人的任何缺点。

Here is another popular saying about love: “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Some people believe that a woman can win a man’s love if she prepares his favorite foods.还有另一个关于爱情的流行说法:“要抓住男人的心,先抓住他的胃。”有些人认为,如果一个女人能为一个男人做他喜欢的食物,她就能赢得他的爱。

Some people are only interested in having a relationship with someone who is very good-looking. You might tell them that “Beauty is only skin deep.” Your girlfriend may be lovely to look at, but she may also have some bad qualities. Or the opposite may be true. Your boyfriend is a wonderful person, but not good-looking. So what a person looks like is not really important.有些人只对长得好看的人感兴趣。你可以告诉他们“美丽只是表面的。”你的女朋友可能看起来很可爱,但她也可能有一些不好的品质。或者恰恰相反。你的男朋友是个很棒的人,但不好看。所以一个人的长相并不重要。

Another proverb is true in love and war or other situations: “Actions speak louder than words.” It means that what you do is more important than what you say.另一句谚语在爱情、战争或其他情况下也是适用的:“行动比语言更响亮。”这意味着你做什么比你说什么更重要。

Sadly, we have no more time for this program. So we must say, “All good things must come to an end.”遗憾的是,我们没有时间继续这个节目了。所以我们必须说:“天下没有不散的筵席。”

Many learners have sent us their favorite proverbs.  They give advice about how to live.  We begin with two popular proverbs about staying healthy by eating good food: One is an apple a day keeps the doctor away.  Another is you are what you eat.许多学员给我们送来了他们最喜欢的谚语。他们给出如何生活的建议。我们从两条关于通过吃好食物来保持健康的谚语开始:一条是“一天一苹果,医生远离我”。另一种说法是“吃什么就是什么”。

Several proverbs about birds also give advice.  You may have heard this one:  The early bird catches the worm.  This means a person who gets up early, or acts quickly, has the best chance of success.一些关于鸟类的谚语也提供了建议。你可能听过这句话:早起的鸟儿有虫吃。这意味着一个早起的人,或者行动迅速的人,有最好的成功机会。

Another famous proverb is a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.  This means you should not risk losing something you have by seeking something that is not guaranteed.另一个著名的谚语是一鸟在手胜过两鸟在林。这句话的意思是,你不应该冒着失去你所拥有的东西的风险去追求那些不能保证的东西。

Here is another piece of advice: Do not count your chickens before they are hatched.  In other words, you should not think too much about some future event before it really happens.这里还有一个忠告:不要在蛋还未孵出前就数小鸡。换句话说,在未来的事情真正发生之前,你不应该想太多。

Another proverb warns do not put all your eggs in one basket.  This means you should not put all of your resources together in one place because you could risk losing everything at one time.  Many Americans learned this the hard way by investing all their money in stock shares, which then lost value.  Another proverb says a fool and his money are soon parted.  This means someone who acts unwisely with money will lose it.另一句谚语警告说不要把所有的鸡蛋放在一个篮子里。这意味着你不应该把你所有的资源放在一个地方,因为你有可能一次失去所有的东西。许多美国人通过把他们所有的钱都投资在股票上,然后股票就失去了价值,从而惨痛地认识到这一点。另一句谚语说,傻瓜和他的钱很快分手。这句话的意思是,如果一个人花钱不明智,他就会失去钱。

Here is more advice:  If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.  Also, never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.这里还有更多的建议:如果一开始你没有成功,尝试,再尝试。同样,不要把今天能做的事拖到明天。

You might learn that haste makes waste if you do something too fast, resulting in mistakes.  Most people would agree with this proverb: honesty is the best policy.你可能会学到,欲速则不达,如果你做某事太快,会导致错误。大多数人会同意这个谚语:诚实是最好的政策。

Yet another proverb advises us not to be concerned about something bad that you cannot change.  It says there is no use crying over spilled milk.还有一条谚语建议我们不要在意那些你无法改变的坏事情。牛奶打翻了,哭也没用。

Do you agree with the proverb that children should be seen and not heard?  Maybe you have told your children that hard work never hurt anyone.  But other people say that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.  They believe it is not wise to spend all your time working and never having fun.你同意“孩子应该被看到而不是被听到”这句谚语吗?也许你曾告诉你的孩子,努力工作不会伤害任何人。但也有人说,只工作不玩耍,聪明孩子也变傻。他们认为把所有的时间都花在工作上而从不娱乐是不明智的。

Finally, here is one of our favorite proverbs: People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.  This means you should not criticize other people unless you are perfect yourself.最后,这里有一个我们最喜欢的谚语:住在玻璃房子里的人不应该扔石头。这意味着你不应该批评别人,除非你自己是完美的。

Many proverbs give advice about how to live.  Some proverbs are hundreds of years old, but they are still used today.许多谚语给人生活的忠告。有些谚语已经有几百年的历史了,但它们至今仍在使用。

For example, my son is just like his father in many ways. We often say the two of them prove the proverb that the apple does not fall far from the tree.例如,我儿子和他父亲在很多方面都很像。我们常说他们俩证明了谚语“苹果离树不远,也不会掉下来”。

My daughter is very short.  She would like to be taller.But I tell her that good things come in small packages.  The size of something is not always important.Some valuable things are very small, like diamonds and other jewels.  But I also tell my children that all that glitters is not gold.  Do not befooled by appearances.  Something may look valuable, but may not really be valuable.  Also, I tell them do not judge a book by its cover.  You should not judge something only by its appearance.我的女儿很矮。她想长高一些。但我告诉她,好东西都是小包装的。事物的大小并不总是重要的。有些贵重的东西很小,比如钻石和其他珠宝。但我也告诉我的孩子们,闪光的未必都是金子。不要被外表所迷惑。有些东西可能看起来很有价值,但可能不是真的有价值。我还告诉他们,不要以貌取人。你不应该只看外表来判断事物。

Another proverb is, do not bite off more than you can chew.  This means do not try to do more than you are able to do.另一句谚语是“不要贪多嚼不烂”。这意味着不要尝试做超出你能力范围的事情。

Some times I tell my children to cooperate to solve a problem. After all, two heads are better than one. Two people working together can get better results.  But another proverb says too many cooks spoil the broth. If too many people try to do something, then the job will not be done well.有时我告诉我的孩子们合作解决问题。毕竟,三个臭皮匠,顶个诸葛亮。两个人一起工作可以得到更好的结果。但另一句谚语说:“人多误事。”如果太多人尝试做某件事,那么工作就不会做好。

I also tell my children that two wrongs do not make a right.  You should not do something bad just because someone did the same to you.我还告诉我的孩子,两个错误不等于一个正确。你不应该仅仅因为别人对你做了同样的坏事就去做坏事。

Some people are pessimists: they always think about how bad things are or will be. Other people are optimists: they always look on the bright side.  They think things will be all right.有些人是悲观主义者:他们总是认为事情有多糟或将会有多糟。有些人是乐观主义者:他们总是看到光明的一面。他们认为一切都会好起来的。

Optimists might say that every cloud has a silver lining.  They can find something good even in a bad situation.  Other people are both pessimists and optimists.They hope for the best and prepare for the worst.乐观主义者可能会说,黑暗中总有一线光明。即使在不好的情况下,他们也能找到好的东西。其他人既是悲观主义者又是乐观主义者。他们抱最好的希望,做最坏的打算。

Some people often worry about what they will do in a situation that might happen in the future.  We could tell them do not cross that bridge until you come to it.有些人经常担心他们在将来可能发生的情况下会怎么做。我们可以告诉他们,船到桥头自然直(do not cross that bridge until you come to it)。

It is usually much better to prevent a problem from happening than it is to find ways to solve it. So we say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.预防问题的发生通常比找到解决问题的方法要好得多。所以我们说一盎司的预防抵得上一磅的治疗。

I always liked this proverb: You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.  Honey is sweet while vinegar is not.  In other words, you can win people to your side more easily with gentle persuasion than by hostile actions.我一直很喜欢这句谚语:用蜜比用醋能捉到更多的苍蝇。蜂蜜是甜的,醋则不甜。换句话说,温和的劝说比敌对的行动更容易赢得人们的支持。

Recently, we presented a program about proverbs.  We asked our listeners to send us their favorite proverbs.  A short time later, we received suggestions from around the world.  We heard from listeners in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America.最近,我们做了一个关于谚语的节目。我们请听众把他们最喜欢的谚语寄给我们。不久之后,我们收到了来自世界各地的建议。我们听到了来自非洲、亚洲、欧洲和南美的听众。

The top proverb among these listeners is this one: “Where there is a will, there is a way.”  This means that you can rise above your problems if you have a goal and work very hard.在这些听众中最流行的谚语是:“有志者,事竟成。”这意味着如果你有一个目标并且努力工作,你就可以克服你的问题。

Some listeners liked another proverb: “Strike while the iron is hot.”  This means it is best to take action quickly and at the right time.  Another favorite proverb was, “God helps those who help themselves.”一些听众喜欢另一句谚语:“趁热打铁。”这意味着最好是在正确的时间迅速采取行动。另一句很受欢迎的谚语是:“自助者天助。”

Xu Da-ju from China wrote that his country has thousands of proverbs.  Several of them are also used in the United States.  One example is “Birds of a feather flock together.”  This means that people who are alike often become friends or spend time together.来自中国的徐大举写道,他的国家有成千上万的谚语。其中一些也在美国使用。一个例子是“物以类聚,人以群分”。这意味着相似的人经常成为朋友或花时间在一起。

Another proverb is “Blood is thicker than water.”  This means family ties are stronger than other relationships.  A similar proverb states “Charity begins at home.”  A person should help his family or close friends before helping others.另一句谚语是“血浓于水”。这意味着家庭关系比其他关系更牢固。类似的谚语说:“仁爱始于家庭。”一个人在帮助别人之前应该先帮助他的家人或亲密的朋友。

Alina from China sent us this proverb: “He who would climb a ladder must begin at the bottom.”  That is good advice when working around your home or looking for a job.来自中国的爱丽娜给我们送来了这句谚语:“要想爬上梯子,必须从底层开始。”当你在家里工作或找工作时,这是一个很好的建议。

Antonio Jose from Brazil says his favorite proverb is “Tell me who walks with you, and I’ll tell you who you are.”  Didier Vermeulen of France sent us this one: “It does not matter the speed you go.  The most important thing is to never stop.”来自巴西的安东尼奥·何塞说他最喜欢的谚语是“告诉我你身边的人是谁,我就能告诉你你是谁。”法国的Didier Vermeulen给我们送来了这句话:“速度并不重要。最重要的是永远不要停止。

Wafaa from Egypt says her favorite proverb is, “Think twice, act wise.”  She also says she is making an effort to use this saying in her life.来自埃及的瓦法说,她最喜欢的谚语是:“三思而后行。”她还说,她正在努力在生活中使用这句话。

Another favorite proverb is “Practice makes perfect.”  This means you will become good at something if you keep doing it.  Another popular proverb is: “If you want something done right, do it yourself.”另一个深受喜爱的谚语是“熟能生巧”。这意味着如果你坚持做某件事,你就会变得擅长它。另一个流行的谚语是:“如果你想把事情做好,自己动手。”

Najeeb from Afghanistan sent us this proverb: “If you risk nothing, then you risk everything.”来自阿富汗的Najeeb给我们送来了这句谚语:“如果你不冒任何风险,那么你就要冒一切风险。”

And, here is the favorite proverb of Marius Meledje in Ivory Coast:  “Your defeat now is your victory in the future.”  He says it means you can learn from your mistakes.  This will help you do better when facing similar situations in the future.象牙海岸的马里尤斯·梅里杰最喜欢的一句谚语是:“你的失败就是你未来的胜利。”他说这意味着你可以从错误中学习。这将帮助你在未来面对类似情况时做得更好。

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