Halloween – A Holiday for Costumes and Candy


Halloween is on October 31. It is also called All Hallows’ Eve or All Saints’ Eve. This is because, according to some, the holiday has its roots in a Christian holiday that remembers the dead. Others say the holiday has its roots in the ancient harvest season traditions of Ireland. In the U.S. though, the focus is less on memories of the dearly departed or agriculture. It is about kids dressing up in scary costumes and going door-to-door asking for candy. This is called trick-or-treating. When children knock on the door of a house or ring the doorbell, they usually say “Trick or Treat”. The “trick” part is a fake threat signaling that the kids will commit a prank if they aren’t given something delicious. Homeowners then give the children candy, raisins, or some other food treat. Many homeowners decorate their houses to prepare for the holiday and let kids know that they are participating and can ring the bell for candy. Traditional decorations often include jack-o’-lanterns, which are pumpkins with faces carved into them and candles inside. Jack-o’ lanterns were thought to scare away evil spirits when Halloween was first celebrated among the ancient Christians. Also turnips, not pumpkins, were originally used. People often decorate using the colors black and orange.

万圣节是10月31日。它也被称为万圣节前夕或万圣节前夕。根据某些人的说法,这是因为假期源于纪念死者的基督教假期。其他人说,这个假期起源于爱尔兰古老的收成季节传统。不过,在美国,关注的重点不再是对逝者或农业的记忆。这是关于孩子们穿着恐怖服装打扮并挨家挨户索要糖果的问题。这称为“捣蛋”。当孩子敲房子的门或敲门铃时,他们通常会说“捣蛋”。 “把戏”部分是一种假威胁,表示如果孩子们没有得到美味的东西,他们会恶作剧。房主然后给孩子糖果,葡萄干或其他食物。许多房主装饰房屋以为假期做准备,并让孩子们知道他们正在参加活动并且可以按铃吃糖果。传统装饰通常包括南瓜灯,南瓜灯是刻有面孔的南瓜和内部的蜡烛。在古代基督徒中首次庆祝万圣节时,人们认为杰克灯笼会吓退恶魔。最初也使用萝卜而不是南瓜。人们通常使用黑色和橙色进行装饰。

Halloween is not just for kids; adults get in on the fun by attending costume parties. There are often contests for who has the best costume. There are also games bobbing for apples, where people have to get an apple using only their teeth from a large bucket of water. Other people celebrate by scaring themselves by going to haunted houses, homes where people dressed up as ghosts, zombies, and werewolves and jump out to frighten guests. People also tell scary stories or watch horror movies.


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